Bid Whist for Windows

Bid Whist for Windows 13.01

This is the best electronic Bid Whist game.

Do you play this game with friends?

This is the best electronic Bid Whist game.

This is the best electronic Bid Whist game ever created. It works on Windows 98,2000,XP,Vista and Windows 7. It plays with a standard 52 card deck, two jokers, a six card kitty, with trump and no trump. You play with a computer partner against two computer opponents.

We have the most professional looking and professional playing game for Bid Whist on the market. This software contains numerous unique options, human like logic, the ability to learn, the ability to tutor and a user friendly professional design.

Bid Whist for Windows


Bid Whist for Windows 13.01

— User reviews — about Bid Whist for Windows

  • carolwheelerstrother

    by carolwheelerstrother

    "Best online bid whist game"

    This is the closest to the real game for an online bid whist game. You actually score what you make, not just what you b... More.

    reviewed on January 24, 2016

  • deborah.wellman.9

    by deborah.wellman.9

    "Not sure I want to buy"

    Card display is hard to read. On the demo it appeared that you could not bid below 4. More.

    reviewed on March 4, 2015

  • ChuckSmith5519

    by ChuckSmith5519

    "A very intelligent Bid Whist game that plays with logic like a person."

    I've been playing bid whist for over 30 years. This game is the best at logic that closely resembles an intelligent pers... More.

    reviewed on October 12, 2012

  • bidwhist

    by bidwhist

    "Bid Whist for Windows"

    This is an excellent Bid Whist game. It makes me feel like I am playing with real people. Bid Whist for Windows is the b... More.

    reviewed on May 31, 2012